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Cupping therapy relieves chronic neck and shoulder pain

The research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of cupping therapy for relieving chronic neck and shoulder pain among community residents. A single-blind experimental design constituted of 60 subjects with self-perceived neck and shoulder pain. The subjects were...

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Acupuncture supports cancer care

An increasing body of evidence supports the use of acupuncture for the control of cancer-related symptoms. Here we summarize the results of researched for the efficacy and safety of acupuncture for some of cancer symptoms...

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Acupuncture reduces acute dental pain

A study to evaluate the effect pf acupuncture in reducing the intensity of acute dental pain in pre-dental care in 120 patients waiting for emergency dental care was conducted at the After-Hours Emergency Dental Clinic,...

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Acupuncture is effective for frequent migraine

A study at RMIT University in Australia evaluated the efficacy and safety of manual acupuncture for frequent migraine. Fifty frequent migraineurs were randomly allocated to receive 16 sessions of either real acupuncture (n=26) or sham acupuncture...

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The science of acupuncture

BBC documentary "The science of acupuncture".

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