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Acupuncture improves the quality of life of psychologically distressed patients

A research in the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that acupuncture or acupuncture plus coaching improve the sense of coherence and mental health status in primary care patients with psychological distress. Patients treated with acupuncture experienced increased self-efficacy, self-care and faith in the future, whereas those under conventional treatment told of feeling abandoned, and experiencing increased emotional and physical problems.

Acupuncture effective for major depression

A randomized controlled trial found acupuncture effective for patients with major depressive disorder.

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Acupuncture plus SSRIs are more efective than SSRIs alone for depression

Available evidence suggests that early treatment of primary depression using both SSRI and electroacupuncture therapies is more efficient than treatments with SSRIs alone and leads to a better and earlier control of depressive symptoms.

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