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Acupuncture relieves menstrual pain

Acupuncture can help combat period pain in sufferers, as well as relieve associated headaches and nausea, a study by Australian and New Zealand researchers has found. More than half of the women treated with acupuncture...

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Acupuncture reduces chronic fatigue

A study in Korea found Chinese acupuncture reduces chronic fatigue. Patients and treatments: A randomized controlled trial was performed in four Korean hospitals to evaluate the effectiveness of traditional Chinese acupuncture and traditional Korean acupuncture plus usual...

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Cupping reduces shoulder and neck pain

Wet cupping therapy (WCT) is a traditional complementary method recommended to decrease the symptoms of a lot of diseases and used in the treatment of pain syndromes. In this pilot study, the possible effects of...

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The science of acupuncture

BBC documentary "The science of acupuncture".

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Het was net of je lichaam weer even het zetje in de goede richting krijgt.