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Acupuncture with manual therapy most effective for cervical vertigo

To evalute the effectiveness of multimodal approach including acupuncture on the management of cervical vertigo, 109 patients aged from 18 to 45 with vertigo together with myofascial pain syndrome of neck and shoulder area were examined. For quantitive evaluation of the impact of vertigo on daily life the questionnaire DHI (Dizziness Handicap Inventory) was used. Testing was performed in two stages ­ before treatment and in 2 weeks’ time. Patients were randomly divided into 3 groups which differ in their therapeutic tactics.
Results: In all three groups the normalization of the biomechanical pattern and elimination of musculo­tonic disorders accompanied by a decrease of a pain syndrome and a decrease in the severity or complete regression of dizziness and postural instability. At the same time, in groups 2 and 3, in which in addition to manual therapy, patients received acupuncture, there was a distinct positive dynamics of a pain syndrome according to VAS, Neck Disability Index and the Dizziness Handicap Inventory. A marked regression of vertigo and postural instability can be observed in patients in which the treatment along with manual therapy and acupuncture, a complex of vestibular rehabilitation was used.

Conclusion: The multimodal approach using manual therapy in combination with acupuncture and vestibular rehabilitation showed the maximum therapeutic effect on elimination of musculo­tonic disorders, reduction of a pain syndrome with a complete regression of vertigo and postural instability.

Source: Jaroshevskyi et al. Evalution of the effectiveness of multimodal approach to the management of cervical vertigo. Wiad Lek 2017;70:571­573.

Acupuncture effective and safe for dizziness and vertigo in emergency department

Acupuncture is effective and safe for emergency patients with dizziness and vertigo

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Acupuncture demonstrates a significant immediate effect in reducing discomforts and scale of dizziness and vertigo

This study provides clinical evidence on the efficacy and safety of acupuncture to treat dizziness and vertigo in the emergency department.

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